Service and Vehicles

What does ‘transfer’ mean?
This is one-way transport service from point A to point B.

What is the latest time to order a transfer?
At least 24 hours prior.

Is there any distance limit for a transfer?
The transfer range is 40 km. Cost of any extra distance is automatically calculated on the website.

What is meant by ‘hourly’?
It means chauffeur service on hourly basis within a particular ride map. We accept such bookings at least for 2 hours.

Can I extend the hourly service?
If you decide to extend the service, it can be done per-hour intervals and you will be surcharged accordingly. Any extension is subject to a vehicle availability.

What is the latest time to order an hourly service?
At least 24 hours prior.

Is there any limit for an hourly service?
The range is 40 km per hour.

What type of vehicles do you offer?
Please check the list of our current vehicles at the Fleet page.

What facilities do you offer in the vehicles?
Premium interior, A/C, radio/player, monitor, free Wi-Fi and bottled water.

May I have some discount?
For retail bookings we apply fixed rates only. However, if you wish to cooperate on the corporate terms, please email your query to info@airtransfer.az.

What if I have an oversized luggage like skiing accessories, surfing board, etc., can they fit your vehicles?
No, they can’t. In such cases, please make sure to indicate it in the “Notes” so that we can organize another vehicle at extra charge to carry your baggage. Normally, luggage of 22” (55x25x35 cm) is considered a standard baggage, whereas any luggage sized 28” (76x48x29 cm) is treated as 2 separate items.

Can I driver a vehicle by myself?
Sorry, you can’t. We provide the services with our own drivers only.

How can I find my driver?
Your driver will be greeting you with your name board in the Arrivals lounge of the airport. For hotel pickups the driver, as a rule, will be waiting in the lobby of your hotel. Should you need any help, please contact the Dispatch team calling at +994 10 565 20 00.

What happens if my flight is delayed?
Free waiting time for airport transfers is 60 minutes after actual landing. Hence, our Dispatch team will plan your airport pickup based on your estimated arrival time.

How can I edit my booking if I made a mistake or there are any changes in my trip details?
In such cases, please cancel your current booking and book again. Please note such cancellations are subject to the Terms and Conditions.

What if I delay in the hotel or apartment?
Free waiting time for transfer from all other locations (except airports) is 15 minutes.

Should I expect any problem if I do not note my flight number while making a booking?
If your flight number is not mentioned at the time of booking, you will have just 30 minutes waiting period regardless of the actual arrival time. So, it is advisable you should type your flight details beforehand.

Do you provide a baby seat?
Yes, we do. While placing your booking please tickle on a specified section of a baby seat. In this case, you will be offered a free baby seat or child booster depending on your child’s age.

What if I am travelling with a pet(s)?
You should (beforehand) take care of a relevant portable carrier for your pet(s), which is allowed to be transported by passenger vehicle.

What should passenger not do?
It is strictly prohibited to smoke (including electronic cigarettes), have alcoholic drinks, use drugs, have meal, as well as damage a vehicle and be crude to a driver. We have the right to demand compensation in fact of physical damage and/or mental insult to a vehicle and driver, respectively. In case of violation of any local law and/or code of behavior, the driver is entitled to discontinue a booked ride.

Can I ask my driver to make a stop or change the route during a transfer?
Sorry, you can’t. The transfer service, as a rule, is carried out per original booking. Any extra stops and/or detours may be done in account of emergent situations only (e.g. if a passenger might need any unexpected medical treatment in an emergency).

Payment and Confirmation

How to pay?
You can pay by credit or debit card.

What cards are accepted for payment?
VISA and MasterCard.

How does the payment process go?
In order to complete your booking, you will be redirected to our servicing bank’s payment widget.

Why my payment is not successful?
If your payment has failed somehow, please contact your bank’s customer care.

How do I know that my booking is confirmed?
A voucher, which is emailed to a passenger, is considered a confirmation. The voucher contains all the details of the booking.

May I book for someone else?
Yes, you may. But please make sure to type the passenger’s cell number and E-mail correctly. Otherwise, the passenger will never receive a booking confirmation and text message with the trip details.


How can I cancel my order?
Please note under Terms and Conditions click on the Cancel Order button, that you received in confirmation by E-mail. Please note cancellation is free of charge 24 hours prior to specified time, 50% penalty is charged for cancellation between 24-12 hours prior and it is non-refundable if you decide to cancel less than 12 hours before a booked time.

How do I get refund after relevant cancellation?
You will be refunded within 30 days depending on your card type and an issuing bank’s terms.


How can I contact you?
Should you have more questions, please email us at info@airtransfer.az.